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Benefits of Being a Mobile Personal Trainer

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Whether you’re looking to start your Personal Trainer certificate or are already qualified, it’s important to determine which direction you want to head in as there are so many different fitness career opportunities. Do you want to work in a major gym chain, teach group classes or in a boutique studio? There are many options available. Or, do you want to branch out on your own and be a mobile personal trainer?

This is one of the most exciting options and comes along with many benefits. MotivatePT has outlined a few of the perks below.

Manage your own schedule

Working as a self-employed personal trainer allows you to be in charge of your own schedule. You can work as many hours or as little hours as you wish and you do not have to stick to a rota. This can be very beneficial as no day is ever the same! If you have an event or an occasion you wish to attend you can schedule your clients around your commitments. But, with this you need discipline to remain professional, and not let laziness take over when you have sessions planned.

Offer more to potential clients

Being a freelance personal trainer means that your clients do not have to pay gym fees on top of your services. You can also offer clients’ different training locations, for example, their homes, offices or a local park if the weather is good. This can be much more appealing than training within a busy gym especially if your client wants to train for outdoor events, such as the marathon. As you are travelling to your client it will remove their need to travel which is often a common barrier to exercise. Because you are working to your clients’ schedule in their desired location, they are much less likely to cancel. This ensures that you will have regular income coming in each week. If your client has children or is pregnant being a mobile personal trainer is often a huge selling point as this means that they do not have to pay for a babysitter or arrange child cover.

Do not have to carry out gym duties

By working for yourself this means that you do not have to carry out gym duties. Often when working in a gym you’ll regularly be asked to clean and tidy the gym. You’ll also have to run inductions for new gym members which can often be seen as a waste of time as there is not much-earning potential within that hour. By being self-employed you also do not have to pay rent or work hours for free. Each hour you work you will be paid by your client at your chosen rate. In the long run, your earnings can be much more lucrative this way.

Plenty of time off

You may find that you are only busy throughout the peak times which are often between 5-9am & 5-9pm. As a result, this gives you a lot of free time throughout the day. There are not many other careers out there that come with such flexibility. If you use this time productively, anything is possible! You can potentially study, invest time in your hobbies or run your everyday errands. You can also use this time to train yourself, as you are your own walking advertisement and need to practice what you preach!

If you are looking for new clients within your area, get in touch with MotivatePT as we are the leading personal trainer agency in London. We work with ambitious and professional minded personal trainers, looking to take their careers to the next level.


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