Can massage therapy help your PT business?

Posted by Rob Rodriguez on Jul 3, 2013 8:31:17 AM
massage therapy

There is no doubt that the fitness market is becoming more saturated with personal trainers, and as a result, their clients are becoming more selective. 

PTs who take time to analyse the current climate are recognising the limitations of business models which are predominantly focused on physical performance, and are shifting to models which focus on the overall wellness of clients. In doing so, they are identifying opportunities for developing a stronger marketing strategy, and key to this strategy is massage therapy.

Benefits of massage therapy
Massage therapy involves the manipulation of superficial and deeper layers of soft tissue using a diverse range of techniques, to enhance physical function, support recovery, aid in the healing process, and promote general relaxation and well-being. Whether you choose to open your own business, work in a health club or alongside a sports team, being massage-qualified is a great way to increase client retention and provide an additional revenue stream to your personal training business.

How can massage help PT?
Massage is a natural up-sell for PT clients – not only can it boost recovery and support rehabilitation, it enhances well-being – all of which serve as a great retention tool. The integration of fitness and massage can also give rise to a number of creative options for packaging services to not only attract new clients, but also retain existing ones.

Many PTs find themselves referring clients to other professionals for aches/pains and musculoskeletal issues - which ultimately results in loss of earnings. Massage can help PTs work consistently with their clients without the interruption of injury. Not only will this help the client to achieve their goals, it will allow the trainer to maintain their income.

Integrating massage therapy into your business 
It’s no surprise that many PTs train the majority of their fitness clients earlier in the day or in the evening. With this in mind, massage therapy may help to fill the rest of the day, and can even be promoted as a post-exercise recovery plan.

By endorsing the mind-body aspect of your business, massage skills will also help your business stand out from the competition. Taking a holistic approach that markets massage as both part of your business, and business culture, will create a strong marketing hook for total well-being, not just physical performance.

Dave Fiala
Course Lead for Sports Massage Therapy

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