CIMSPA and REPS Partner up for a Single Fitness Directory in UK

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In February, big news circulated the fitness industry with the announcement that The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) and the UK Coaching owned Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) have merged into a single entity. This partnership between the two has ushered in a more streamlined process for obtaining a support system as a qualified personal trainer. It has also made the “point system” a less confusing endeavour for fitness industry professionals - as there is no longer a choice between two different organisations:

Certain questions (like) - “Should I focus on getting REPs points or CIMSPA points?” - will not be relevant in a few months’ time.  

How exactly this new dynamic will impact fitness professionals in the UK is yet to be seen, but it looks like it will be a massive positive. 

Let’s explore some of the details below! 

CIMSPA and REPS: 3 Reasons Why The merger Is Important

To put the merger into perspective, here are 3 reasons why this partnership between CIMSPA and REPS is a big deal.

Not only will it usher many positives for the PT world, but it could also provide a more robust support system for qualified personal trainers in the UK.

#1. More Direct Support to UK Personal Trainers

A CIMSPA membership means that all members received the direct support, opportunities, and direction from the organisation. A UK Coaching partnership adds to this and ensures that all CIMSPA members will also receive the online learning functionality and resources of their digital platform. 

What this will accomplish overall is a straighter trajectory towards a fitter UK - as the Government highlighted in their 2015 Sporting Future Strategy for the increased physical health of the UK, CIMSPA will have more tools to become arbiters for a healthier United Kingdom. 

#2. Streamlined Continued Professional Development (CPD) Point System

Because UK Coaching will provide existing CIMSPA members with access to their learning development system, earning CPD points will be streamlined for the benefit of the fitness professional.

Instead of the existing (and sometimes confusing) CPD point process, the hopes of both CIMSPA and UK Coaching will be to simplify and strengthen the overall means of continued professional development.

#3. Easier Employment Process for UK PTs Seeking Employment

The CIMSPA and REPS merger brings with it a stamp of approval for employers and a broader job potential for qualified personal trainers. Because some employers require a REPS or CIMSPA membership - having both combined will standardise the whole process for fitness professionals seeking employment.

Because all memberships will function under the CIMSPA name, the standard for employment will be set by employers seeking to hire personal trainers.

What Does CIMSPA Do?

The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) is the professional body in charge of providing the UK physical activity and sport sector with a strong support system for continued development. They have also tasked themselves with providing professional standards for the UK fitness sector.

This includes providing personal trainers with resources, a standard of excellence for all CIMSPA members, and a strong network to draw from.

When Will This Change Happen?

Although REPS and CIMSPA made the announcement in February, the changes won’t be fully realised for some time. REPS membership renewals will be phased out completely on May 31.

What about Insurance for REPS members?

It should be noted that UK Coaching will be providing insurance for all current REPS members who switch over to the CIMSPA platform. 

For additional questions, check out the CIMSPA FAQ page.

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