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4 Tips for Balancing Out Work Life as a Personal Trainer

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Are you a personal trainer who's feeling overwhelmed? Have you got a forever growing to-do-list? That never seems to end...We know that many personal trainers suffer from burnout, so this week reached out to Nick Screeton, one of the UK's top personal trainers and the founder of LEP Fitness.

Whether you've got a full diary of clients and are doing 30+ sessions per week, or you are just starting in fitness. It's not always easy to get the right work/life balance as a personal trainer. Many trainers suffer from this, so don't worry if this sounds like you.

So, if you need solutions to balancing your work life, here are four!

  1. Plan Out Your Week
  2. Reach Out for Help - Learn from Mentors
  3. Build a Team
  4. Take Time Out

#1 Plan Out Your Week

Yes, I know this isn't rocket science, and you've probably heard it before...but planning out your week is essential.

To become a successful personal trainer, you need to allocate time for:

• Personal training sessions

• Designing workout plans

• Meal plans

• Texting/emailing clients

• Travel time

• Marketing

• Content creation

• Invoicing

And the rest!

There's so much to do. If you don't get organised, you will not run your business... it will run you!

What to do instead?

I recommend spending 1 hour on a Sunday evening (or Monday morning) where you sit down and plan out your week. Write down your three most important tasks, and plan them into the diary first. Work everything else around them.

Ask yourself questions such as:

What's the one thing that's going to have the most significant impact on my personal training business this week?

As well as planning out essential tasks, make sure that you also plan in downtime, time to watch Netflix, go out with friends, spend time with your children, family members, etc.

If you don't take time out, you'll burn out.

#2 Reach Out For Help - Learn From Mentors

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to personal trainers is to hire a mentor. A coach you look up to and want to be like, somebody who's been where you are, and knows the critical action steps to help you build a personal training business that fulfills your needs.

If you're new to the personal training industry, I appreciate that you may not be able to afford a mentor. There are still lots of ways to learn valuable lessons, for example:

Podcasts - I recommend listening to the Mark Coles, Phil Graham, and the Ben Pakulksi podcasts.

Audiobooks - for less than £10 a month, you can sign up to Audible and download a book each month.

Courses - if you want to excel in the personal training industry, you've got to keep increasing your knowledge. Maybe you're a qualified personal trainer, but want to specialise in a particular area such as Nutrition, Yoga or Corrective Exercise Specialist - why not book onto one of Premier Global NASM’s CPD courses to expand your knowledge which will potentially help you attract more clients and increase your earnings.

Books - if you like to read, I would recommend the following five books.

1. Think & Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill

2. The E-Myth - Michael Gerber

3. Unbeatable Mind - Mark Divine

4. How To Win Friends & Influence People

5. Change Maker - Dr. John Berard.

#3 Build A Team

There may get to a point in your career when you have a full diary of clients, and you hit a glass ceiling, unable to charge more and take on any more clients.

When this happens, you can either stay fully booked up (a good position to be in) or build a team and expand your business.

Hiring people is a great way to take the stress away and free up your time to focus on what you're good at and enjoy the most. Here are some people you could hire to free up your time:

Personal Assistant - hire somebody for 2-10 hours a week to do all of your admin.

Cleaner - do you have a gym facility or private personal training studio? Rather than spending 30-60 minutes cleaning your gym twice a day, why not pay a cleaner? If you earn £50 an hour and a cleaner charges £10 per hour, it makes sense?

Accountant - to take away the stress of Tax, company accounts, self-assessments, etc

Personal Trainers - if you have a waiting list, why not hire another coach and earn some extra passive income?

Web Developer - hire somebody to design your website, do SEO, Google Adwords, etc.

You can pay people for their time, or offer to do a skill swap. For example, you could offer 12 personal training sessions in exchange for a developer building a website. It doesn't always have to involve money.

#4 Take Time Out

It's good to work hard, and all successful personal trainers have a relentless work ethic. That said, if you're not careful, you will burn out.

It's not uncommon for some personal trainers to start work at 6 am and finish at 9 pm. There's only so many months/years you can do this without collapsing on the floor and running yourself into the ground.

It's essential to take time out and away from the gym floor, here are some tips:

• Take at least one full day off each week

• Take a week off every 3-4 months

• Turn your phone off as soon as it hits 8 pm

• Go for a walk each day (20-30 minutes will help clear your head)

• Meditate - ‘Headspace’ and ‘Calm’ are great apps to download

• Book a holiday at least twice a year (four if you can afford it)

Also, make sure to have some fun. Being a personal trainer can get very serious at times. Remember that life is short, and while personal training may be a massive part of your life...

There's more to life than coaching.

Make-sure to laugh, watch a funny movie and let your hair down once in a while.

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