Posted by Rob Rodriguez on Feb 11, 2014 4:15:16 AM

In my opinion, and I am sure in yours, personal trainers have the knowledge and expertise to help anyone improve their health and fitness. So why is it that, on average less than 1% of the population pay for the services of a personal trainer?

And with over 10,000 newly qualified trainers coming into our industry every year, is it any wonder that around 80% of personal trainers go out of business inside 12-months of starting up.

With so many personal trainers offering the same thing to less than 1% of people, it’s inevitable that there isn’t enough people or money to go around.

So how do we get more PT businesses surviving more than 12-months? We have to start offering our knowledge and expertise in different ways, in ways that more people are willing to engage and invest time and money into a PT.

For this to happen, we as PT’s first need to change our business mindset, from one that believes that the only way that you can help people is to be face-to-face with them, to a mindset that is open to the different ways there are to influence and help more people, who don’t want face-to-face, one-to-one help. This new mindset, will help you see the endless business opportunities there are, and will also help you have more than one income stream, and increase the financial security all us PT’s are after.

I think the main reason that the majority of personal trainers don’t think of having different income streams to their business, is because they lack business acumen. This leaves newly qualified PT’s under prepared when it comes to running a PT business.

The role of a PT is to help people see improvement in their health and fitness. How you deliver that help is not the most important thing, the most important thing is you help people achieve what they can’t achieve themselves.

This comes with understanding the market place. If the majority of the market place does not want health and fitness help through hourly physical training sessions, then the majority of the market place will say no to that approach. So therefore most people will say no to paying you, not because they don’t believe you can help, but because you are not offering your help in a way that suits their time, effort and financial requirements.

But for example, if you offer your help by delivering it online, will more people be willing to invest in that, than physical training sessions? (I am guessing you are nodding your head at this moment).

When I have explained this to trainers, most agree that this approach makes sense, but then they don’t go and create this service. This I think is due to trainers having to then step out of their comfort zone, and try a different approach they are not used to. Helping people face-to-face is very different from helping someone you don’t see. This is the difference between coaching and training. Coaching empowers people to take responsibility, and do what they believe they need to do. Training, places the responsibility more on the trainer, as that person won’t achieve something on their own.

Learning coaching skills is not easy, and if you can only help people through physically training them, then you will not be able to coach them. This will lead to a limited number of people you can help, and a ceiling on what you can earn.

To find out more on how to help people through Online Personal Training contact us for a free business consultation, and to discuss how PT Cloud Online PT can help your business.

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