How to Succeed as a Mobile Personal Trainer

Posted by Anita Badmus on Jan 18, 2018 3:55:05 AM

Whether you have recently qualified as a personal trainer or have been in the fitness industry for years, going it alone can be a little scary. MotivatePT wants to make the first step that little bit easier for you. Below, we list the four most important 4 points to consider, to ensure you are successful as a mobile personal trainer.

1. Be the Best You!

In this industry, it’s important to practice what you preach. Make sure you look the part so that you can be your own walking advertisement! Be knowledgeable, on time, alert and well dressed - if you take good care of yourself, you will instil this same good practice in your clients and they will aspire to be like you. If you are training a client in a park, you want to inspire not only your client but also the people passing by. If you are fun, energetic and deliver an inspiring session, you’ll be much more likely to pick up clients than the other trainer in the park just counting reps. Also, education is key - never stop learning! Remember to regularly top up your knowledge, whether it’s reading books or blogs online, or booking a course in nutrition or senior fitness. By enhancing your expertise, you’ll be able to offer your clients a wide range of skills

2. Be Prepared!

If you have previously worked in a gym or are just starting your PT career, it’s possible that you will not have paperwork in place. You may want to think about writing a PAR-Q health questionnaire and a waiver form. It’s important to also consider cancellation notices etc so you can run your business successfully. This ensures that you do not end up wasting time or money if a client cancels last minute. Additionally, do you have the correct insurance and public liability? It’s important to be legally covered, as it can protect you if you’re faced with a compensation claim for injury or damage from a client or another member of the public. Another important certificate to have is a first aid certificate so that you know and understand what to do if one of your clients has an emergency or health scare during your session.

3. Time Management

Being organised and managing your time is crucial as a mobile PT. You may have to travel between your clients, and if you were to overrun by 5 or 10 minutes, this could result in a negative spiralling effect throughout your day. In turn, being punctual is essential, always be on time! If you are late, this shows your client a lack of respect and can have a negative impact on your client renewals. Being prepared ahead of each session is also important. Fail to plan, plan to fail. Preparing your sessions in advance not only makes the most of your time, but more importantly your clients too, to ensure the programme enables maximum results for your clients. Even if you are super organised, going that extra mile with each of your clients can really make the difference between if they renew or not. It’s the small things that count! A simple text to say how proud you were of their hard work, or sending them a link to an article you think that they might like can really make them feel special. These simple acts of kindness can result in a happy client who is more likely to continue to train with you.

4. Build Rapport

Lastly, building rapport. Building a friendship and trust with each individual will lead to loyalty, long term clients, referrals & opportunities. Maintaining a relationship can be achieved by asking your client questions about their lives, their families and passions. One of the best ways to build your client base is by word of mouth. Remember results equal retention and referrals. It’s also important to always put your client first. If you love burpees it’s crucial to be aware that not all your clients will love burpees too, so make sure you are filling their sessions with what they enjoy. Also one programme does not fit all! Individualise and personalise each of your sessions and tailor the workouts for each of your clients and their needs.

By Kira Mahal, CEO of MotivatePT

If you have followed all of our tips and are still struggling to build a client base, get in touch with MotivatePT as we are one of the leading personal training companies in London. We have a long-established clientele and a friendly close-knit team of fitness professionals who train clients privately at their homes or outdoors. If you are passionate about what you do and thrive on the results that you can achieve for clients then get in contact with us to find out more.

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