High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - What is it?

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Exercise has one purpose in mind; it is a stress to the body, which the body has to overcome. By adapting to this stress it pushes the metabolism through the roof, which will help with toning and fat loss along with increased cardiovascular and muscular fitness. There are numerous studies that indicate that high intensity training is more effective than traditional lower intensity training for increasing metabolic rate.

A study in 1993 tested post exercise metabolic rate after a strenuous resistance training session and found that it was raised 11% two hours after training and 9.4% the next day. Another study in 1994 found that over a 15-week HIIT phase vs a 20-week steady state training phase that the high intensity group lost 14 mm of skin fold measurements whilst the low intensity group lost only 4 mm. In 2008 a study followed the same principles looking at high vs low intensity and found that the high intensity training groups lost 2.4 kg over a 20 week period where the low intensity group lost only 0.44 kg!

These studies and others show that higher intensity sessions push the body to raise the metabolism and keep you fitter for longer. This workout will do exactly that and is easy to complete with little time and no kit or equipment needed.

This Premier 20:10’s workout is performed in the ever popular Tabata circuit format, 20 seconds on 10 off circulating between each exercise for 20 minutes. This is an advanced HIIT workout for conditioned clients; for beginner or intermediate clients add a rest period every circuit.HIIT workout for personal training

(Keep the technique strong and take a cheeky rest break if needed!)

To set a HIIT session up like this for yourself, pick exercises that involve large amount of muscle mass, require a cardiovascular effort to perform and can fatigue the chosen participant quickly - plyometric exercises are ideal if your client can tolerate them safely.  If you have some equipment and room then why not chuck in some battling ropes, kettlebells, sprints, depth jumps or suspension kit.

With HIIT training you can expect fantastic results for yourself or your client without the need to spend hours working out!

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