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Join host Suzie Brough on episode 1 of the Premier Fitness Podcast, a series which will take you behind the scenes of the Health and Fitness sector, bringing to life stories from Premier Global NASM graduates, students, partners, and industry professionals.In episode 1, we speak with Popstar turned Personal Trainer, Katie Waissel, who after life on-stage has turned her passion for health and fitness into her full-time job. Katie speaks of her experiences as a performer, life as a single mum, tips on how to build a successful online personal training business and how anyone can find the confidence and drive to shape a rewarding career in fitness.

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Host: Suzie Brough
Guest: Katie Waissel
Title: Popstar to Personal Trainer
Podcast Link: https://cms.megaphone.fm/channel/NASM2822442965?selected=NASM5277706549

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So Hey guys, welcome to the first episode of The all new premier fitness podcast. My name is Susie bruff. And it's going to be my pleasure to bring to life all the amazing things that are happening in the fitness sector. Right now, what is without doubt, the most unusual and unprecedented time ever. Throughout this series, I'm going to be speaking to a really diverse range of people with a range of skill sets and experience to give you our listeners a truly enlightening picture of how people are coming together.

And using health and fitness to inspire, to motivate and to transform the nation. The theme of our podcast series is cut to the chase is going to provide relatable, honest and insightful counsel on what it's like to be a living and breathing fitness professional. Throughout this series, I'm going to be speaking to our students, our graduates, industry partners, health professionals and industry movers and shakers.

Today on our show, I'm delighted to be joined by Katie wasel, who some of you may recognize, but I will let Katie divulge a bit more about that, as we talked to her about her awesome journey from start to PT. and everything in between which is going to be the good, the bad and the not so pretty. So without further ado, welcome Katie.


Hi, Susie. How are you doing?

I’m really good. Thank you really, really good. Honestly, thank you so much for having me on your podcast, and then learn that being numero uno, how cool is that? I'm just how cool is that? I've got my cup of coffee, it's finally time to have a hot cup of coffee.

So before we begin to cater to a couple of things, I just want to say just, firstly, you know, it's just great that we've got this opportunity to speak together. And to find out a bit more about you, I think our listeners are gonna find it really interesting. But I'm also delighted to announce that you've agreed to become one of our ambassadors for Premier Global NASM.


Excited. More than agree, I jumped at the opportunity. Such a big fan of yours. And, you know, you've obviously been such an integral part of my next chapter of my life, but how could I not be a major champion of what you guys do? Thank you for having me.


Likewise, likewise, likewise. So I did divulge a little bit just a few moments ago about who you were. And I do think that most people will remember you. But could we just sort of backtrack to a few years ago, I remember you being on X Factor. And apart from having a really amazing voice, what I remember most about you is just your phenomenal energy. And it was just amazing. But can you tell us a little bit more about that? And kind of what led you to being on The X Factor?


Oh, my goodness. I mean, I don't think there are enough hours in the day. So I'll, I'll try and wrap it up into like a short and sweet sentence. Growing up as a kid, I've always been into music, and I was a classically trained pianist and a songwriter and all this wonderful, fun stuff.

And in the era of The X Factor launching and you know, having was actually one of their biggest series, the music industry, a big change every turn, and no, no record label or a&r people that sign up new artists, we're investing in new talent, because of shows like The X Factor, because we really have chosen to go on it, because I was a songwriter, and a musician.

And then I was just like I was faced with and I guess we can then also relate it to any industry. That's just music. I was faced with a decision, you know, you either just give up or you just kind of roll with the punches and you move with the times. And like you're saying we're in unprecedented times right now, a lot of our trainers have gone online, and they've had to roll with it. And so at the time, I was like, oh, okay, if that's the only place that these people are going to sign up, you know, songwriters or singers or whatever, then that is what I shall do.

And yeah, and I had no clue what I was letting myself and I was only 24 years old at the time. I was one of those that stood in line for eight hours. And I guess that that was, you know, the beginning part of building up who I am today, which is somebody that is, you know, patient and rolls with the punches and stands up for what they believe in. But those that do remember me, remember me from the show, I didn't have the easiest of times, but I never gave up. And I always held my head high. And for those that do remember me, don't remember me. Sorry. Don't worry about it. Just get to know me now. That's fine.


Absolutely, absolutely. And yet, without doubt, there would have definitely been some life lessons in that experience. I would imagine that you kind of, like you say, that you have brought forward into what you're doing now. So what kind of happened then after the X Factor?


Oh, man, I ran away as far as I could to the other side of the world, I went up to America. Okay. But again, Gina was really interested in you and I have actually spoken about this before. Everything happens for a reason. And it was all part of tapestry, which has led me to where I am now. And it's all kind of come back full circle, because obviously not back in the UK. But I went and I lived my life. And I was doing music when I went back to the United States.

And I've had the honor and privilege of working with a plethora of amazing talent in the music industry. And then I grew, and embryos around me grew and abdun flowed with that died and then ended up going behind the camera behind the scenes and working in kind of the business side of things. But it's just fascinating. It was just a fascinating experience, which, you know, I'm sure we'll talk about more as our chat goes on.

But everything that I've experienced from being on stage at Wembley to then working with some amazing artists and doing for example, PR, marketing and branding has all helped where I am now with my business online of, you know, I guess performing my workouts to camera, which hopefully comes across as a feedback I've got which is great. comes across is an almost live experience that I can make whomever is watching my workout on demand feel like the just the two of us are connected.

All the way down to how I have marketed myself within the industry. And really breaking away from Well, that's Katie from that TV show, and how to carve and craft out being a respected fitness professional.


Yeah, no, definitely. And so what I wanted to just sort of, you know, try and understand from you is that, you know, being a pop star, and then going to a PT is not necessarily a natural kind of progression. So, at what point did you think, right, okay, I'm not going to be following this path anymore. And I really want to become a PT, how did that kind of come up?


Well, I wish it was as transparent as that because I like to go down multiple rows at the same time. And I'm like, Okay, let's do it all. But I remember even when I was, I was really young, I must have been like 17-18, I was so determined to, you know, be the singer that would go out on the road and tour. So I used to go to the gym, and my local gym, and I would try and sneak in. I mean, everyone's gonna gasp in horror now. But don't worry, I didn't do it, I would try and sneak in like a pair of high heels.

So I could walk on the treadmill in the gym so I could sing along to it. So I could build up my stamina to perform it very out of the box. But don't worry, I didn't wear my high heels on the treadmill. But health and fitness was always really important to me for multiple reasons. And yes, I wanted to be aerobically fit to do something like a Beyonce World Tour one day, so that I could sing and dance at the same time. And then, you know, I was in the music industry and in the era where, you know, people paid attention to what you look like physically. So I wanted to stay in shape for that.

And also, I guess, underlying kind of, I guess seeing that closet is grown into this beautiful big oak tree is really helped with my mental health throughout all of the challenges as well. It was a one consistent thing that I was able to turn to whether it was running or getting outside for you know, a bit of a power walk or whatever it was, I was able to set a pace to slow down my mind and able then to do what was in front of me like taking part in any fitness was my safe space. So it wasn't necessarily

Okay, I'm leaving music now. And I'm going to be doing x, y and z so it plays such a big part in what I do even now as a trainer because You know, one of the biggest messages that I put across is you don't have to put on this like super duper upbeat power fun playlist. If you're feeling your fields, exercising, no matter what type of exercising you do, can help you through that. So sometimes if you're feeling rundown, and you want to have a bit of a cry or whatever, it's okay to put on a bit of an emotional song, I've done it myself multiple times.

And I kind of just let it out, because you don't want to keep that deep inside you as an individual. So there's lots of healing throughout exercise and music coupled together. Now, I haven't actually edited the music industry. I have a wonderful publishing deal with Warner Chappell music, which is very exciting. So basically, what that means is that as a songwriter they, they take care of my entire back catalogue of music, but also they're moving forward with again,


I'm sure we'll talk about it. But the different programs that I have launched at this current moment, will be launching, it's amazing to get, like the musical side of things, music talent involved, like fitness doesn't have to just be sport, you know, it can be fun and quirky and out of the box is what you make of it. So the way that I got to where I am right now is just through my own personal growth, navigating my different moves within the United States, staying true to myself, enjoying kind of keeping that music tied as an undercurrent.

And when I was finally in New York, so I started off in LA and kind of made my way across, I ended up in New York. And as I was going through lots of different life changes. And I was really out of shape and a little depressed and drinking too much beer and eating too much pizza, which fine, we've all got to do sometimes run human. I wanted to get back in shape and transform this before I had my son. And yeah, and I ended up taking some amazing classes out in New York. And I would always kind of gravitate towards the people that would walk into that studio and kind of head down and we're a little bit nervous that I would go and work out next to them.

But I'm nervous too. Can you be my friend? And from that I was just approached. I was actually at Orangetheory Fitness. That's it for in New York. And then flywheel which is a spin studio. And everyone always used to tell me man, you should be a coach, you should be a coach, this would be great. And then I was like, okay, maybe. Sure. I don't know, I think if they would have said be an astronaut, I'd
be like, okay, sure.


We'd be talking about space, right. Um, I was trying to find myself and I was like, well, rather than searching for something that I'm not sure what I'm searching for, why don't I just look a little bit inwards and what brings me joy. And then also the, just in closing on this part is that, you know, I, I did and do music, to help and heal others as a songwriter. I want to make people feel good.

I want to make people feel supported, if they're not going through such a great time. And take that with me, even as a fitness professional and as fitness specialist, is I get that same feeling through coaching others, I get to help and inspire and empower people. So that's what's led me here today. And Wow, amazing. Yes. All right.

fine, it's fine. No, no. And it's, it's really, you know, from your perspective, I guess it's amazing that you can actually straddle both kinds of career pathways really, and they do kind of intertwine, don't they, like you say, music can be very healing. And, you know, if you hit, you know, a beat, it automatically makes you want to move and certainly I'm sure our listeners will find it very relatable in terms of, you know, exercise does help with you know, mental health and wellness.

And then from that exercise, now, it is a byproduct that you are getting fitter, you know, or whatever your, your, you know, your kind of goals are. So, very, very, very exciting for you. So, so, if we just kind of, again, if I may just take you back, just to kind of work out how this all kind of comes together.

So, if you've sort of been on this journey, then you've been through lots of different scenarios living in a few places. So you decide that you're going to get qualified. Why did you choose, you know, Premier Global NASM and, you know, how did that kind of come about?


Well, I was doing my qualifications out in the United States and I fell pregnant with my son who's now two and a half he's a rock star. He definitely is a stunt man in the making, that's for sure. Because if you look at who you know myself is that his dad is um, you know, one of the best Peloton travel instructors and, and strength trainers and stuff. So we've definitely created like This super hybrid of like, Spider Man meets stumped man, you know? Yeah, so I was doing my qualifications out in the US.

Now a little bit, a little bit sad, but comes great from that. So I was unfortunately faced with a predicament where I was very, very heavily pregnant and then was left on my own. And I had no other choice really. But to then move back to the UK, in the midst of everything's actually now in New York. Yeah, well, I had Hudson in New York. And then once, you know, we had been kind of signed off medically that we could fly.

And I came back full circle home. And you know what, the first thing I did I put the kettle on. And I was like, Susie, this is great. A tea cup. Yeah, absolutely. Everything. We started with a cup of tea, everything can be. Exactly. So I was like, You know what, with my cup of tea, and my four month old son at the time, and I looked around my empty house, because I just moved in.

And I was like, haha, now what? You know, because I came back to a country where I was so terrified of what people's opinions on me were going to be because being on that X Factor, you know, at being in the public eye, you know, everybody has an opinion and whatnot. And I don't know, I was just terrified. And then also, I was like, how am I going to get a job? How am I going to do anything? Because my name is very gullible. We all Google everybody. What, what's going on?

And then I was sick and I, oh, man, I went through such a tough time postpartum, just with my identity. So let alone having moved back here to the UK, then thinking, Oh, my God, what am I going to do? And then thinking even when I decide what it is that I would like to move forward with, how am I then going to be treated, you know, in a way that gives us credibility. So I was like, Okay, this is overwhelming, shelve everything right now. And actually, I speak like this when I do my yoga and movement and breath work, because I take people on this journey, because especially right now with Coronavirus in the home, and we don't know what's going on with anything.

All of these thoughts can be so overwhelming. That affected us obviously emotionally and then also physically. So at that time, I was like, I can't answer all of these questions all in one go. But something kind of clicked in me cuz I remember on the flight on the way home, you know, when you're like, run out, your magazines read, you can't watch any more episodes of friends, because you've watched through like 15 seasons of it. A long flight. And with a baby and my dog and for massive suitcases. I don't know what it probably is.

I just remember, just in front of me, it was like, on the airplane safety card, they say you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you can save anybody else. And I was like, Okay, well, I just want to focus then on my own healing. And then I went on my own transformation postpartum. But here's what I called you guys. So I am a massive fan of NASM. And that too, I was doing my, my certifications through in the US was obviously really interesting.

And I understand this. Now as the US certifications don't cross over. But it's like, if you buy a baby car seat, you can't buy a baby car seat from America and haven't shipped it here because everything's different. So I was like, Okay, I'm a massive fan of NASM.


I'm a massive fan of learning. I want to get to know my postpartum body. I've massive identity crisis with that. How am I going to learn, reset, then be able to do everything with a baby from home. And so that's when I had done my research and I came across you were primeglobal and I made that phone call. And I spoke to an amazing guy called and manuals, they're like they got the manual. And I still check in on him from time to time. And right off the bat. It was the most amazing experience where you know, the sales team was so informative, it wasn't pushy or anything. I explained my situation about studying in the US and what my goals are moving forward and why and and then he led me in the right direction and that's when I signed up for Level Two and Level Three.

Cuz I had to reset doing all of that fun stuff, which actually was a really fun experience to kind of refresh and go through all of that all over again. And it was really useful. And then I'd signed up for my women's fitness specialization boards, and then all of the other fun add ons, which we'll talk about. But when I went on to my elearning, everything from the portal to the experience to like if I was stuck, or even down to like the monthly payments that pay off the price of it, it just was the perfect tool for me as a single mom looking after the then five month old baby, navigating my new body thinking, What am I going to do next, and it was through the support of your entire team.

Because I hadn't met you yet. But it was the coaches that coached us through level two and level three that was so informative with feedback and things like that, that we'll get back to an email that never leaves you hanging. And that the course itself online was really easy to navigate. So it's not like I actually posted a picture, I wonder if I can find it on my Instagram, cuz I was breastfeeding my son with one arm. I like watching one of the educational videos, you know, filling out info with my or with my other hand on my laptop and stuff. And I buy paperwork. So it was a funny image.

But I was like, thank God, I'm able to actually do this multitasking woman, right, I can do this. There you go, I don't have a choice. So yeah, and it's through my journey with Premier Global, and, you know, having these open conversations and really utilizing your entire team. Because I sometimes feel like, you know, when people sign up for a course or whatever, they'll just keep their head down. And they'll just do this, and they don't realize how many amazing resources there are. So I really just want to be able to put that out there.


And yeah, thank you for that. Katie. Thank you. It's, you know, obviously, we kind of think we're pretty amazing. But it's always nice to hear the feedback. And you know, the fact that you know, we do really, we're very passionate about offering not only, you know, super ad content, but it's the service that sits behind that as well. Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


Because, you know, I was in the public eye or not, you know, you treat it like nobody knew that when I was manual. He didn't know that. I saw something that would be likely to treat me differently. No, I would, absolutely. No, no, I understand. Yeah. Yeah, and you guys just supported me through it. And so I completed that. And then from there, it's just everything kind of, I follow the end of my nose, and it organically falls into place. I mean, on and on, and on and on. And yeah,


Amazing. Thank you for sharing that experience. And because like I've spoken and speaking to you for months, and months and months now, you know, I know that you I think people can sometimes just assume because you've been famous and you've been on stage, I think people can assume that you're really confident you don't have any issues, you know, you've got this perfect body.

And you know, and actually, you know, you are just the same as the rest of us, you know, you go through different ups and downs, ups and downs. And it was really great that you've actually just shared a bit of the vulnerability that you kind of experienced. Oh, yeah. Scary. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. But I think you know, it's really relatable and I think it's really nice to hear that, you know, that's okay. And normal. And, and there's just kind of how you go about processing that and how you deal with it is kind of what sets us apart, isn't it? I guess


So, okay, so you're multitasking, you're breastfeeding and you're singing or whatever so so and then you come up with this awesome idea so how were you gonna go? I was at my back doors where I was looking at Oh, my God. And there's a big shed out that sort of shed. It's like a back office. And I was looking at it and I never got what I had, what song I had playing on in the background no life to it was the Tina song. Yeah. Good job. work good,


I got to do something with that shed. When I first said, “Yeah, sorry, everybody.” I always put my carrier boys on now. You should hear the songs. I think like my son. I was like, I gotta do something with that shed. And there was like, you know cobwebby and suitcases and basically my past and I was like, Locked in there. And I'm gonna, I'm gonna make something of that. And, you know, My son was a terrible, terrible sleeper.

But when he did sleep a couple of hours at a time or throughout the night, it was awful. Honestly, any new moms out there that are listening to this, I totally empathize with the constant state of jetlag, that you feel like you're experiencing, but it, it spurred me on through and I cleared out that shed and I built my own studio from scratch myself, put all of the equipment together. And I just also want to say like it, it wasn't an extortionate amount of money. I feel like when people, especially if there's any, you know, future PTs out there or fitness specialists and, and whatnot, it is not as expensive as it scarily seems in your mind.

There are ways to do it. And obviously, Rome wasn't built in a day, as they say, there are ways to do it, which is really smart and affordable. But I ordered the basics, and I built it myself. I built this little studio, and obviously this is prior to Coronavirus. Obviously it was When was this? I don't even know What year it is. We're in 2021. Right? Is it a Monday? No, it's
not. No clue where we are.


Yeah, so I yeah, I moved to two years ago, it was two years ago. Wow, it was a year and a half ago. Oh my gosh, this is insane. I see I have these moments where I'm so kind of like, focused and just tunnel vision to like, oh, I've only got X amount of hours to fill out xy&z tasks I have to do. Again, that's why I highly recommend everybody just getting like one of those magnetic whiteboards that you can scribble on and put it on your fridge. Otherwise, it's just too much I list. A list is the way forward.

My my PR book this thing out. And then I was like, I really want to start doing my personal training sessions both for pre and postnatal women. And at the time, I was also Well, I was a member at the David Lloyd and I was really enjoying their blaze courses because of my past experience with orange theory. If you like a 45 minute total body hiit workout, and I really believed in the science behind all of that. Anyway, I was enjoying it so much that they were like why don't you just be like, oh, here we are again. Sure. So I was coaching some of these group fitness classes over the David Lloyd Blaze.

It was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. But it was also a really good way to kind of rebuild my confidence as a trainer. So again, if people are a little bit nervous, and you know, you don't have to go from zero to 100, try a few things out. And experiment Thurman, and you will learn all about yourself and your personality will come through and your personality as a coach will come through. So that was a really good confidence boost.

And then I was like, Okay, cool. I really want to do my, my previous clients over the shed. And I never forget, like my first client, I was on the phone to my mom before she turned up. I was like, Mom, I'm gonna have to cancel. I can't do it. I can't so scared. What if I get it wrong? Because I also like go through those feelings and those motions. And it's crazy. I was talking to my mom last night, and I was telling her the same thing. Remember when I used to do that? And now I'm like, hello.


That's about building your confidence up, isn't it? And then once you've got that first kind of first client and done it's like, okay, I do know what I'm talking about, you know, I am good at what I do. And this is how we're going to kind of go forward. Right?


But that only comes with experience. You can't, you can't take an exam for it like that comes with experience, like anything in life when we're doing something new. Regardless of how old you are, where you are in the world, like anything. Everybody starts on day one. And then once you've had that day one, and you've gotten through that you're like, absolutely, I'm on that ladder and I just keep moving forward.

Because you don't go back to that day one you just keep moving forward unless you just want to completely reset but from something like that, obviously you know what I'm talking about. So yeah, I don't know the training studio up and and then when the clients came and it was just amazing because I wanted to build this safe space that I'm so passionate about coaching pre and postnatal women, being postpartum myself, and had experienced that horror of walking back into it.

I have a video of me doing this. I walked in and I walked out five minutes later, God crying it was mortifying because I just thought that I'd be able to do things I couldn't. I felt like everybody was staring at me, but nobody was and I had zero confidence within myself. I mean, I Believe it or not, I'm a really shy person underneath. And it was just horrifying. And so another reason why I wanted to build my shed, anyway, I just wanted to try and do it at home. And then when I feel like I'm ready, I'll go back out into the big wide world.

So I built the space for my clients, because I said, when you walk into those doors, that space is yours. There's a judgment free zone like nobody's watching nobody's looking. If you want to listen to Dolly Parton, or if you want to listen to death, metal, rock, whatever it is that you want to do, we're absolutely going to make this the best experience for you. If you think that's a safe space. That's awesome. And then completely absent. Oh, wow. Yeah, exactly. Well,


My next question was going to be just in terms of growing your portfolio and growing your client base, you know, what, you know, really just gonna be like, a two prong question. So what have been, you know, just a couple of your biggest challenges in terms of grabbing that? grabbing that kind of database? And, and, you know, what impact has COVID had on your business?

And just thinking about anyone that is, in your current situation, thinking about setting up a business or in business? You know, is there any kind of stuff that you want to kind of, you know, share?


Absolutely. I promise you, I won't go on and on, because I can talk for England? And no, no, no. I am really passionate about it. And you and it is, it is scary. The whole thing is scary. Starting anything new is scary, though starting anything in a new environment, or like, for example, COVID, the whole thing is incredibly overwhelming.

And it takes me back to those X Factor days where or like, my, my city jobs in New York days, and it's like, you have to just take your experience, you know, in the past, up until this very present moment, and kind of like go through that backfile to be like,

Okay, what is it that I know what I'd like to achieve? How is it that I know what to do with X, Y, and Z? And then kind of measure augmented like this big ball and be like, Okay, cool. I'm not at zero, you know, yeah, like I can, I can do this, I can, I can figure something out. And that's all about learning how to like, just roll with the punches, Evan flow, go with a tie. So in terms of building up my client base, obviously, my period was just a little bit different.

Because I was known. Yeah, which was good and bad. Because I would, again, people come to me because I knew what I was doing. And not because they want to go and work out okay to shed that escape. You know. And also, I was really apprehensive, incredibly transparent, that people would come and walk out with me. And then I was nervous about like that feedback about if they would want to, then


I don't know, you know, how like the media world is and things like that, and people sharing their experiences and like, if it's unwarranted or unjust, and they just want to do it, because they want a reaction online or whatever. Yeah, I'm very lucky not to have experienced that. And, yeah.


And you're right, it is at risk, though, isn't it a risk, because you're kind of who you are. But then you could have had people coming to you and, you know, they could have given feedback. And again, you know, because of who you are, that could have escalated, like you say, I guess there are truly pros and cons of, you know, kind of being used in a business in a new, you know, in a new world.


Because you look at I mean, I really wanted to kind of state this out there. I haven't really spoken about it often. But you know, the health and fitness and wellness sector, you know, it's just like any other where it has been completely. There has been an element of it that has been completely commercialized and on Instagram.

And, you know, I don't even know what the right word is. But the essence of what I'm trying to say is working out fitness, exercise, nutrition, all these other things are not what people see from influencers necessarily all the time on Instagram, I want to be able to reset this message that people exercise and workout and eat healthily. Yes, there's lots of different goals that everybody has really out there, and I and I check in on that. But really, it's to become like, the healthiest version of themselves. And I know with body image and the way that influencers and media personalities put things out there and diet shakes and all this other stuff.

I can only imagine as a younger, you know, PT in the making, would then be faced with those challenges about oh, well hang on a minute, because I feel like this is what the people of that generation want. So they're for I'm going to have to be like that. But really, it's like we especially learned throughout our courses and things like that is where we are the champions of being healthy, of being well being whole, and whatever else you want to build on from that.

That, obviously, if you want to, that's what you said, in the very beginning about, everybody has a different golf you want to bottle or whatever, you want to take something that you can take it further. But the essence of exercise and the nutrition of learning even about it is that we are at our optimal health and fitness and wellness levels, to be able to live a knock on wood, fruitful, sustainable, and healthier, happier life. It is not because we want to shrink people down in five seconds to look good on Instagram posts that they're also going to get Photoshop. So I'm really passionate about pushing that message forward, too.


And I think one of the things I really love about you is that you're you're no I know because obviously we've spoken lots lots like you are completely passionate about health and well being. But what I love about you is and where I think you're so relatable, and easy to work with is because you're not scared or frightened to show if you're having a bad day.

Because again, I think people think because of who you are, whether you're a famous person or a fitness professional, or you know, on social media, lots and lots that you are this perfect person that is getting a washboard stomach, and everything's magical. But originally, I know you've been on social media saying, Look, guys, I'm having a tough day today. I'm struggling today, but that's okay. And you know, what I'm gonna just crack on. And I think that's what is different about you. And the fact that you know, you are, you are all things that we know that as a person looking at you for inspiration, I think, oh, gosh, yes. Okay, so I can relate to that.


I really appreciate that. And touching on that. And going back to the original question about, you know, building your client base. Yeah, it is, you one should be relatable. I mean, one thing I learned being in the music industry, it's people see through Bs, yeah, they see through it, you just have to be your most authentic self, especially. And this is from my own personal experience being a woman, especially postpartum woman, is is that if I was picking myself to train with in my current state, because Also, I'm, what is it two and a half years postpartum.

I didn't start making any type of transition or shift until I was, I think, eight months postpartum. But to then allow yourself to to be authentic, so that you allow, so if I was talking to me back then in my current physical state, and then, you know, back there, and I'd be looking at me now and be like, Oh, well, you know, here she is this perfect person that sort of got a song and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It's kind of disarming that. That kind of, oh, what do you call it helped me out? You'd say, it's just like, you know, yeah, people will look at me now. And they'll look at my body. And they'll be like, it's great. And I'm like, okay, I really appreciate that. And that's wonderful. But also, I didn't sneeze and it happened.

Are you into it? Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And then also over an extended period of time, and it's about being relatable and being authentic, that especially working in like, you know, the perinatal sector and postpartum and whatnot, is you are sensitive, you are vulnerable, you are like, intimidated as what I was when I first started, I was like, Oh, my God, and I gave up before I started on that I'm never gonna be able to get whatever, yeah, some old self.

And you know, I changed it around because I said, you'll never be able to go back to your old self, because your body just became superhuman and a baby pushed it out. So now you've got strength within you to literally lift a car. So you're just gonna create the better, most incredible, awesome version of yourself. You don't even want to go back. So that's why I eliminate the whole bounce back. It's like push forward. Hell yeah. Like you're awesome. He did. So yeah, changing the narrative. And that is why you will then get recommendations through word of mouth.

And then also, just like my own fitness journey, I started this journey with the share, very kind of small, it was like, Oh, one one step at a time. And by any I mean, this is what I focused on with restoration boot camp, which is my 40 total Mind Body restore reset program, um, take things slow, and that way you're able to be present.

And then that way you're able to go with the flow and and see what needs to be changed and make those small little tweaks because you will Really laying your foundation to build up from and unless the concrete dries and sets the way that you want your house to come down. So it's okay to start small and to think big in the long run, but don't even think about the long run, just just be right here where you are. And then a lot just enjoy the moment and enjoy it.

For the rest of the interview, tune into the episode and hear the full story!

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