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The issue of marketing yourself to attract new clients is the cornerstone of success for any new PT business.

It is also the area where most people are weakest, and where freelancers are least willing to spend money, as the return is not immediately apparent. However, money spent wisely can determine the success or otherwise of your business.

Two key areas of marketing that PTs should look to exploit are websites and networking opportunities.


One of the key elements in today’s PT business is to have an attractive, professional website, as the vast majority of potential clients will look for local business and services online. Consider online services that allow you to build, customise and personalise your own website from a basic template, or alternatively employ a web designer to build a website for you.

Whichever option you choose, it’s important that the site reflects you and the type of service you will offer; it should invite people to contact you. In a similar vein, the text you use to describe yourself and your style is important. Words such as ‘patient’ , ‘caring’ or ‘friendly’ are just as important for people to read as ‘motivating’ or ‘inspirational’.

Once the website has been developed, the next step is to get it on the first pages of a web search. Web designers may offer a service to ‘optimise’ your website (Search Engine Optimisation) and have it hitting the top of the search engines. Another option to consider is enrolling on various online business directories that offer low-cost business listings – these are often a cost effective way of getting to the first page on a web search.


The use of networking clubs to gain business is an area which a lot of people have not really heard of or considered. It can however be a very productive way of gaining new business as it allows you to meet other business people face-to-face.

The basic idea of these clubs is that they meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas, and most importantly give each other referrals and new business. Business Networking UK (BNI) has a global presence, yet operates on a local level - groups meet once a week (usually at breakfast) and each member of the group is given a minute to talk about their business.

The significant advantage of networking clubs is that they are fantastic places to meet the people who can help you with your business needs, such as accountants, printers, and web designers.

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