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TRX strengthens ties with Premier Global NASM

Premier Global NASM
Premier Global NASM

Premier Global NASM, the leading health and fitness industry training provider, has extended its partnership with TRX®, the global leader in functional training products and world-class training content.

Founded in 2004, TRX® was built on the revolutionary idea that fitness can be achieved with one radically simple design—the TRX Suspension Trainer™, the minimalist, patented straps that enable your clients to power their training with bodyweight.

Many go on to work in the best gyms and become renowned private personal trainers, certified nutrition experts and fitness coaches - forging successful careers and enterprises throughout the health and wellness industry.

Fraser Quelch, TRX Founding Partner, commented: "I am so excited about our new alignment with Premier Global NASM for 2022! I can’t imagine a more powerful way to change lives and move the world than by bringing two of the most respected brands in training and education together in a partnership unlike any other. This is going to be amazing!”

The new “TRX Master Trainer” bundle being sold by Premier Global NASM includes:

  • TRX Pro4 Suspension Trainer
  • TRX Suspension Training Course
  • TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course
  • TRX for Yoga Foundations
  • TRX Virtual Training Course

Dan Rees, Managing Director at Premier Global NASM, says: “Suspension Training offers an almost limitless catalogue of full body training options that can be coached anywhere, inside or out, making its inclusion the perfect addition to any personal trainer’s knowledge and skill arsenal. Most gyms and training spaces now offer TRX, so understanding how to optimise the training system will provide personal trainers with a professional advantage, making them a valuable addition to any fitness operation.

“We have worked with TRX for many years on various projects, so it is fantastic to now be able to add this official training bundle to our education portfolio.”

For more information, visit our TRX Master Trainer bundle

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