Robert McWilliams's Story: Why he Became a Personal Trainer

Robert McWilliams
Robert McWilliams

Here is another Premier Global NASM Personal Trainer profile! Below you will hear how Robert McWilliams switched from Investment Banking to a career in fitness.

For more on his motivations, hobbies, aspirations, and how he got his personal training diploma, read on.

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Career burnout and a path forward

I spent the first 30 years of my career in the Investment Banking world, working in an office and travelling up to London every day. Four years ago, I was diagnosed with severe career burnout which is when I made the decision that I needed to make a change for the benefit of my health.

My career burnout lead to me struggling with depression and anxiety which took me to some dark places. I lost weight, gave up on some of my hobbies and was even struggling to enjoy sport, something I had always been passionate about.

However, I did not give up on all sports, I still stuck with my love of coaching football and going to the gym. Over time I began to realise that these two things had major benefits for me. Not only did they help improve my mood and clear my head, they helped me to feel in control again and content with myself. 

It was then I began exploring different career options and thought to myself why not get involved in a career that allows me to be in that environment? Something I enjoy but can also help me continue to improve on my mental health.

It would also give me the opportunity to speak to lots of different people and watch them improve and develop their fitness, which is something I love to do after years of football coaching all age groups. 

Finding Premier Global NASM

Finding a Training provider was easier than I thought, I had been discussing my career options and we started to talk about becoming a PT when through the post from a local PureGym opening which, was just timing. I looked through the website and decided going through one provider: Premier Global NASM gave me a large variety of avenues I could specialise in. So provider choice was made. 

I purchased the LEVEL 3 DIPLOMA IN PERSONAL TRAINING FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE package. From the start their was no hard sale, the on-boarding team were efficient and followed up with a call just to give me a personal contact. Regarding the course tutors, they were great very polite, knowledgeable and were there throughout my journey to answer any question.

For me, now you know my background could have easily gone wrong. So, I am very pleased with my decision.

Months of studying pays off! 

After months of studying, I was pleased to find out I had passed my PT exams. I started thinking about my future as a PT and that’s when I decided that the age group I wanted to work with would be senior people.

The Support Premier Global NASM gave me has been invaluable. Their approach has given me confidence to know where I can move on and how I can apply my learning. Through Havering MIND I have also had the opportunity to mentor and gain qualifications in mental health. 

My journey is some respects is still on-going and I am still learning about my new passion for keeping active whilst learning about myself.

I still have a way to go but I am now looking forward to what the future holds including my next piece of learning about nutrition, as I see food is also an important part of your wellbeing and mental health. Over the next few months I hope to complete my training and qualify as a nutritional coach through NASM.

What do I want to do next? Make a difference. 

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Robert McWilliams

Robert McWilliams