How States of Change Help in achieving Fitness Goals

Posted by Nikos Skevis - Tutor on May 12, 2022 7:10:18 AM

Whether a ‘New Year – New Me,’ striving to get the perfect Summer body or the mad rush to get ready for special occasion, we’ve probably all – at some point- reactivated our gym memberships, stocked up on new workout wear and promised ourselves that that ‘this time it will be different.’ Maybe this lasts a week, maybe a whole month or maybe you keep it going for a couple of months and achieve your ‘goal’ just in time. Either way, there is a distinct end point to this journey for most of us and we often find ourselves back to square one – repeatedly.

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SWOT Analysis for Personal Trainers

Posted by Rob Rodriguez on Feb 20, 2020 4:00:00 AM

A SWOT analysis is a helpful tool for gauging and understanding the effectiveness of your work performance.

Although it is generally used for evaluating business practices and strategies, you can actually utilise a SWOT analysis as a personal trainer as well. 

After all, you took the time and effort to earn your Level 2 and 3 diplomas, so why wouldn't you want to ensure you are providing the best version of your services to clients?

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Weather got you feeling SAD? Try These 4 Mood Boosters

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 14, 2018 4:50:40 AM

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a combination of biological and mood disturbances typically occurring in the autumn and winter months. SAD is characterized by recurrent episodes of depression, hypersomnia, carbohydrate cravings and weight gain.

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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 14, 2018 4:10:47 AM

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding optimum protein intake and the effects of protein on body composition, performance, recovery and metabolism. 

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Speed, Agility & Quickness: An Insider's Guide to SAQ Training

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 7:05:16 AM

Speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) training is too often associated with sports and other physically demanding activities. Upon closer observation, we realize we have missed the everyday events and activities that can greatly benefit from SAQ training. You never know when you’re going to run after your kids, play a pick up game of basketball, or cut through the trees during your next ski trip. This method of training can help with the previously mentioned scenarios, but will also enhance workouts for anyone who is involved in recreational sports, exercises on a regular basis, or simply enjoys activities such as walking a dog or playing with their child.

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 4:10:43 AM

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common among young female athletes occurring at a conservative estimate of 38,000 incidences per year. (1) With the cost of a surgical repair ranging between $17,000-$25,000 (2), the economic impact is significant, not to mention the long term sequela to the athlete which includes a significantly greater risk of osteoarthritis in the future. (3) Approximately 80% of these injuries are non-contact, suggesting many of them can be prevented. (4)

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 3:42:46 AM

Fitness professionals need to understand the importance of a well-written resume. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying at a local health club, university, or sports performance clinic, your resume may hold the key for you to land your dream job or prevent you from even being considered.

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Oct 23, 2018 6:00:13 AM

Apart from the more obvious gender differences like pregnancy and some aging-related conditions (e.g., osteoporosis, menopausal changes), how much thought is generally given to the anatomical and physiological differences between men and women when designing programs for female clients? A fair assumption might be very little considering the lack of available information, and the lack of attention paid to these differences.

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Sep 18, 2018 8:21:47 AM

Training youth in sports and other physical activities has never been more important. Childhood inactivity and obesity keep rising, while access to physical education keeps falling. Trainers can turn that around, becoming fitness mentors who put children on a path to staying active and healthy for life.

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Jul 2, 2018 1:24:56 AM

As a successful personal trainer, you’ll be doing everything you can to ensure that you, your clients and any employees you have are safe during sessions. However, even when taking the utmost care and attention, accidents can still happen.

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