Why Personal Trainers Are Worth It

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You’ve decided that you want to change the way you look; maybe you want to lose weight, put on bulk, get fitter and stronger, complete a challenge - or all of these. And now you’re thinking: ‘Should I get a personal trainer?’

Let’s be honest; personal trainers are not cheap. A typical hour-long session/consultation could cost a minimum of £50, and you’ll probably need at least two or three a week to achieve the kind of results you really want. That equates to £400-500 a month, and therefore up to £6,000 a year.

Live somewhere such as London and you can treble or even quadruple it. It’s not cheap, especially when you consider that a lot of what you’ll be told are things that really, deep down, you know already such as consuming less sweets and alcohol, getting more exercise and sleep.

So, is working with a PT worth the investment? Our resounding reply is yes - and here are some of the reasons why hiring a personal trainer is not only worth the money but an excellent decision.

Why does a personal trainer provide?

Personal service

The clue is in the word - personal! Each trainer will tailor a fitness plan around the goals you want. A 50-something business owner with three children who hasn’t run in a decade will not be given the same plan as a 19-year-old student. Their lifestyles, time and budget will be totally different, and they probably wouldn’t want to be treated the same. Your personal trainer should be part friend, part teacher, and part horrible boss (but not too much of the latter!)

They’ll work you hard

Some of the legends from a Pinterest board of personal trainer humour include, ‘All I’m saying is that I’ve never seen my personal trainer and Satan in the same room together’, and ‘Use of the word can’t will result in a 10 burpee penalty’. You’re paying money for someone to help you achieve your goals, and that probably needs repeated hard work over a period of time, within a framework of specific, measurable goals.

Your ambitions will be achieved

If you work hard enough, and listen, and stick to what you’re being told, you should achieve those ambitions. When you start you’ll list your aims, and be given a plan to help achieve them which might take a month, six months, a year or longer. A trainer should have a multidisciplinary approach to helping you forward, and not be thin-skinned or afraid of changing a routine if they feel it isn’t working.

You’ll eat more healthily

Your nutrition plan is part and parcel of the overall fitness package, and you can bet that you’ll want to impress your trainer by dropping the bad carbs and moving onto more productive food. A trainer will help you weed out the bad stuff and concentrate on the good, and you might be surprised at how cheap and tasty healthy food can be. What’s more, if you can incorporate this into your long term lifestyle, you’ll feel the benefits for years afterwards.

You’ll meet new people

As well as the trainer, you may also meet other like-minded people with similar goals in the gym/leisure centre environment. Not all of them will strive for the same goals as you, and they won’t all be doing the same things as you, but their overall aims should be broadly similar. A trainer may encourage you to keep up your sporting exploits, but also to try new ones; so you might be encouraged to take up football, yoga, cycling, swimming and any other exploits that could be of benefit for your overall aims.

You’ll feel psychologically stronger

Part of the total approach of using a personal trainer is boosting confidence, and mental strength, and an overall feeling of wellness. They should ask about how often you relax; how much sleep you’re getting; and other behaviours that work towards an overall goal. Perhaps they’ll encourage you to change some of your habits that don’t even seem health related, or changing the times you do things. A good trainer will sometimes tell you things you don’t want to hear – even if that means a risk of losing you as a client.

Your life will get better

You will notice results that only a personalised regime can provide; not only will your fitness improve, but also your overall outlook on life. You may find yourself achieving more at work, or applying for jobs that you would never have contemplated six months before, purely on the basis of a new outlook on life. With weight loss and/or a better physique may come a new wardrobe, and perhaps a new you.

It might inspire you to change career paths

Once you’ve got the fitness bug it can be hard to let it go. As a career, it’s unquestionably rewarding and also sometimes frustrating at the same time; some clients won’t listen, or will become angry, or are just lazy. Sometimes you won’t know why a plan isn’t working. Sometimes a client’s life will change – new job, relocation or other external forces – and that will either make it easier or far more difficult. And sometimes a client will cut their body fat by 15% and achieve things they didn’t think possible – because of you. Premier Global NASM can help you achieve your career ambitions – click here for more details.

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