World Lupus Day Workout

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Today is World Lupus Day! Lupus is just one of 80 different autoimmune diseases in the UK which affects hundreds of thousands of people, including personal trainers and their clients. Here are 5 safe and effective exercises for clients with chronic illnesses. Add them into your next exercise program and complete 3 rounds with one minute rest bewteen:

• 10 x Bridges, hold for five seconds.
• 10 x Quadruped (on all fours) knee hover, hold for five seconds.
• 10 x Wall push-ups, count to four going down, and one second pushing away from wall.
• 10 x Squat pulses, five pulses.
• 10 x Roll down and hand walk out to plank or quadruped (on all fours).

By Zoe Mckenzie Physiotherapist (BSC HONS) MCSP & Pilates Instructor.

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