Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Jan 27, 2019 12:51:14 PM

By Brian Sutton MS, MA, PES, CES, NASM-CPT

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Research in review: Does foam rolling decrease DOMS and improve performance?

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Jan 8, 2019 2:29:42 AM

See how research on foam rolling after an intense strength training session aided in reducing DOMS and improving exercise recovery.

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Personal Trainer Jobs: A Complete Guide To Finding A Job As A Personal Trainer

Posted by Amanda Goh on Dec 29, 2018 4:00:22 AM

The health and fitness industry in the UK has been booming in recent years as more people are becoming aware of, and are growing concerned by, the UK's growing rates of obesity and obesity-related illnesses.

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How Does Exercise Affect Hormone Balance & Metabolism?

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 22, 2018 3:43:05 AM

There are four hormones that are critical to the success of your client’s weight loss program. Cortisol, insulin, thyroid, and the sex hormones (testosterone in men, and progesterone in women). When kept in balance, these hormones have the largest effect on metabolism. When out of balance, they can prevent your client from achieving the fitness results they desire.

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Weather got you feeling SAD? Try These 4 Mood Boosters

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 14, 2018 3:50:40 AM

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a combination of biological and mood disturbances typically occurring in the autumn and winter months. SAD is characterized by recurrent episodes of depression, hypersomnia, carbohydrate cravings and weight gain.

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How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 14, 2018 3:10:47 AM

There are many myths and misconceptions regarding optimum protein intake and the effects of protein on body composition, performance, recovery and metabolism. 

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Conditioning and Training: The Relevance of Flexibility Training

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 14, 2018 2:13:04 AM
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Speed, Agility & Quickness: An Insider's Guide to SAQ Training

Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 6:05:16 AM

Speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ) training is too often associated with sports and other physically demanding activities. Upon closer observation, we realize we have missed the everyday events and activities that can greatly benefit from SAQ training. You never know when you’re going to run after your kids, play a pick up game of basketball, or cut through the trees during your next ski trip. This method of training can help with the previously mentioned scenarios, but will also enhance workouts for anyone who is involved in recreational sports, exercises on a regular basis, or simply enjoys activities such as walking a dog or playing with their child.

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 3:10:43 AM

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are one of the most common among young female athletes occurring at a conservative estimate of 38,000 incidences per year. (1) With the cost of a surgical repair ranging between $17,000-$25,000 (2), the economic impact is significant, not to mention the long term sequela to the athlete which includes a significantly greater risk of osteoarthritis in the future. (3) Approximately 80% of these injuries are non-contact, suggesting many of them can be prevented. (4)

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Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Nov 7, 2018 2:42:46 AM

Fitness professionals need to understand the importance of a well-written resume. It doesn’t matter if you’re applying at a local health club, university, or sports performance clinic, your resume may hold the key for you to land your dream job or prevent you from even being considered.

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