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10 Ways A Personal Trainer Can Help You

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A personal trainer can change your life in numerous ways – here are ten of the most common:

1. Motivation

Trainers are very good at finding ways to motivate you, through numerous methods. Some clients need a trainer with a softly-softly approach, others need more obvious coercion and a bit of shouting. Some will remind you of what you’re trying to achieve, while others will push away what you’re trying to leave behind. Some will be matter-of-fact and pragmatic, others will use memes and motivating messages to crystallise thoughts. All these methods work, with the right people.

2. Boosting your strength

A conversion from fat to muscle, or the build-up of bulk, is often one of the major aims a client will look to achieve with the help of their trainer. This writer, helped by a personal trainer who has studied under Premier Global NASM, can now achieve 10 pull-ups, multiple one-armed press-ups, and numerous sets of lunges and squats. He can also…

3. Improving your fitness

…run half marathons (four times), thanks to an advanced cardiovascular system that’s been built on hundreds of hours of running and sprints. Other trainers might use martial arts, swimming, spinning and aerobics, while also encouraging you to pursue other sports you may like such as tennis, football or rugby. Setting goals - running a mile without stopping, then two, or cycling 10 miles a day – will help you achieve your fitness aims, but a personal trainer can help properly track progress

4. Relaxation techniques

Well-being isn’t just about getting your heartbeat up to 150bpm. Holds, yoga, meditation, pilates and stretching can be employed to relax the body and mind, which will then propel you through the day or shut you down in time for a good night’s sleep. These can be used in the gym, the dojo, at home and at work, but working with a personal trainer or instructor can enable you to achieve advanced techniques.

5. Helping rehabilitation

Recovery from illness and injury can be difficult and tiring, but it can also be dangerous; a return to fitness techniques at an early stage can exacerbate an issue and demoralise the client. It’s also quite difficult and demands knowledge and experience; would you know how to come back from a cruciate ligament injury, or what exercises are beneficial for a stroke victim? A trainer will do, particularly a specialist in their field, and they’ll help you complete a comeback to good fitness in an efficient way.

6. Weight loss

One of the biggest aims for many clients of a personal trainer may be to lose a few kilos, or at least change the fat in the body into muscle. When thinking about what to expect from a personal trainer, know that they should be able to create a plan that builds a realistic journey of weight loss, based upon a good workout routine and nutritional guidance. Moreover they should instil in the client a sense of realism, that they’re not going to lose five stones in a month; in fact they might not lose any weight immediately, but with persistence they’ll reach their goals.

7. Promoting responsibility and reward

Have you ever tried to get a better level of fitness but been unable to hold yourself to account? Now try doing it with periodic weigh-ins, or jogging times, or pull-ups, or other defined goals. The ideal trainer will talk to you about why you’re not hitting your goals, and be congratulatory if you’ve hit your targets, as you work towards an overall target.

8. Teaching techniques

There are a huge number of things that a good personal trainer can teach you; how to stretch properly; the best times to exercise; the best techniques; what to eat and what not to eat; and much more. A good trainer will also modify their approach to find the best way to teach the client, which could include anything from direct demonstrations to videos to sheets to recipes. If you’ve been taught well, you’ll be able to pass on your knowledge to others once they see the change in your body.


9. ‘Therapy’

Working with a personal trainer will soon help you learn that the best are approachable, no matter your concerns. They are there to make you feel better about yourself as a person, and that doesn’t just include fitness; of course they’ll also provide actual types of real ‘therapy’- massage therapy, sports therapy – but they’ll also listen to your worries about your job, your family, your money…whatever’s on your mind.

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10. Completion of challenges

Ever wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or run a marathon? Maybe you want to be able to plank for five minutes or complete 50 press-ups? Or perhaps you just want to be able to walk a mile or play with your grandchildren without being out of breath? No matter what your eventual ambition may be, a personal trainer can put together a month-by-month, week-by-week or even day-by-day schedule to give you the best possible chance of success. Previous success stories of what clients have achieved can also help boost the trainer’s reputation.

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