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5 Tips for Starting Out as a Personal Trainer

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Want to become a PT but are not sure where to begin?  Premier Global NASM Personal Trainer Charlotte Tooth will go through the five best tips to start!

And be sure to check out the How to Become a Personal Trainer Page on the PG-NASM website.

Here are the 5 tips for starting out:

  1. Every person is a potential client
  2. Organization is key
  3. People skills are essential
  4. Learn and apply
  5. Find a mentor in the fitness business

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Charlotte Tooth (00:00):

Hello Premier Global. My name is Charlotte Tooth and today I'm going to take you through a session on starting out as a personal trainer. So whether you have just become a personal trainer or whether you are looking to become a personal trainer, I'm going to give you five things that I think you should know, and five things that I think will help you going forward in the future with your personal training career.

Charlotte Tooth (00:18):

Number one is that every person is a potential client, whether that be the shopkeeper, the person on the street, or the person that just saw you running along the park, it could be any person that you meet.

So do ensure that you have a nice open energy, that you're able to chat to people, and that you don't just dismiss people and think they're weird for watching you when you're exercising. They're probably admiring you or wanting to know a little bit of information about what you're doing. So treat every person as a potential client, be chatty, be open and allow people to approach you.

Charlotte Tooth (00:51):

Number two, is that when you are starting out, organization is key. So being organized will make you look more professional, feel more professional, but also allow you to grow your business.

Number three is that people skills are really important. Being a good listener is so important as a personal trainer. When clients feel listened to, they feel valued.

When a person feels listened to, they feel like they can trust you. So spend the time listening to your clients, be a good listener, don't just pretend to listen and make sure your people skills are on point. You're able to listen. You're able to converse and you're able to present yourself in a professional manner as you normally would.

Charlotte Tooth (01:25):

Number four is to make sure you learn and apply. So all of those wonderful things that you learned on your personal training course, make sure you spend some time to apply them with a client. Knowledge is useless as a coach, unless you are able to translate it onto a person or get a person to understand what you know. So make sure that you're learning and applying, not just learning.

Charlotte Tooth (01:46):

And number five is to look to find a mentor in the business. Somebody that you respect, somebody that is doing what you are doing very well and somebody that you feel is able to guide you through your journey as a business person, as a coach, as a personal trainer.

So that's it for today. Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoyed my five tips for starting out as a PT. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them below. Feel free to like comment and share. My name is Charlotte Tooth. You can find me on Instagram at Charlotte_Tooth. Otherwise, have a fantastic day and I'll see you on the next one.

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