Nikos Skevis - Tutor

Nikos Skevis - Tutor
With over 15 years in the fitness industry, Nikos has a background in Sports Science and specialises in Physiology and Psychology. A former Fitness Coach in elite motor sports, Nikos has also enjoyed a successful career as both a Personal Trainer and a Sports Massage Therapist, making him well equipped to understand exactly what an aspiring fitness professional needs to build, grow and sustain their own business.

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How States of Change Help in achieving Fitness Goals

Posted by Nikos Skevis - Tutor on May 12, 2022 7:10:18 AM

Whether a ‘New Year – New Me,’ striving to get the perfect Summer body or the mad rush to get ready for special occasion, we’ve probably all – at some point- reactivated our gym memberships, stocked up on new workout wear and promised ourselves that that ‘this time it will be different.’ Maybe this lasts a week, maybe a whole month or maybe you keep it going for a couple of months and achieve your ‘goal’ just in time. Either way, there is a distinct end point to this journey for most of us and we often find ourselves back to square one – repeatedly.

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