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Learning from an experienced NASM Premier Global Personal Trainer, such as Charlotte Tooth, on the best practices for this career is the best way to ensure success. In this masterclass, Tooth will teach you the mental and physical practices to follow as as personal trainer.

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Charlotte Tooth (00:00):

Hello, Premier Global. My name is Charlotte Tooth. And today I'm going to take you through a session on best practices as a PT. Now, this is important because being a personal trainer is a tough job. Being a personal trainer, you'll do long hours, maybe early mornings, late evenings.

There is a lot of admin to do so lots of stuff that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that the programming is done correctly for that person. And that you're delivering great sessions. And we all get to know our clients personally, which obviously means that we get to know about their lives, their feelings, their worries, their fears. And we end up being a bit more of a counselor than we are a PT sometimes.

Any job where you're client facing, where you're in front of that client and you're being receptive, empathetic, you're being reactive, is a tough job.

Charlotte Tooth (00:43):

So I'm going to take you through some best practices today so that you can feel fantastic, so that you can get the most out of yourself, but also so that you have the time and the head space to grow your business. So my first bit of advice is to design a routine that works for you. Are you best in the morning? Midday? Evenings?

Try to have your clients in your diary for when you are performing your best. Also ensure that your routine actually gives you head space to have a break, to have some lunch, to do some studying, because if you're doing too much of the same thing, it's very easy to get burnt out.

Being a personal trainer is a job that requires a lot of energy, a lot of thinking and a lot of presence. And if you are tired and overworked, you will find that you won't be able to do that.

Charlotte Tooth (01:29):

Essentially this routine, it needs to be something that you can do on a long-term basis. If you are doing something that absolutely exhausts you, visualize yourself doing that a year from now and how will you feel about your career and your business? You won't be that excited about it anymore. So try to design a routine that is sustainable for you. My second piece of advice is to stay on top of your admin.

What systems do you use to keep everything in order? PT'ing can be very time-consuming because there is always something extra to do. So make sure you're on top of your admin. You're using the apps that you find useful, you know, Trainerize, True Coach.

They're great for programs. Google sheets are great for check-ins because it's a live doc that you can both input onto at the same time. Google mail is fantastic so you can stay organized.

Charlotte Tooth (02:16):

It's these apps that will help to simplify your daily routine, but also to minimize on your admin time so that you get more lifetime outside of your business. My third piece of advice is to know when to give a referral, don't be afraid to send your client to someone that you think might be able to help.

Is it a nutritionist? A physiotherapist? An osteopath? You won't lose that client in the long run, that client will value you for passing them on to someone with the appropriate expertise.

Charlotte Tooth (02:44):

Now, my fourth piece of advice actually refers back to number one about your routine, but I'm going to put this one separately because it's the one thing that everybody always forgets to do whenever I speak to any personal trainers.

It's preserve your training times, being physical and experiencing the struggle of a workout and the challenge of a workout will help you to be more empathetic and understanding to your clients.

Being physical will also keep you on top form yourself mentally, as well as physically. Remember your own physical health and wellness is just as important as your clients.

Charlotte Tooth (03:18):

My final piece of advice is to set boundaries with your clients. We've all had those clients that message us all the way through the night, asking questions about things that we've already emailed them the previous day.

What is it that you are happy to give for the money that they are paying you? And ensure that's really, really clear whether that be on your website or your first consultation.

Make sure your clients know when your day off is so that they're not messaging you halfway through your day off, like I can't find a sausage roll on my Fitness Pal. When you let clients know when your time off is, they are usually more respectful about letting you have that time to yourself.

Charlotte Tooth (03:55):

So that's it for best practices as a PT. I hope this information is useful to you, and provides you some assistance with both running your business, but also staying on top of your mental and physical health yourself. Remembering that you are the most important person in your life and your business.

If you are not physically and mentally okay and on top of things, this will show in your client sessions in your organization. So if you have any questions, please pop them below. You can like, comment and share. My name is Charlotte Tooth. If you want to find me on Instagram, I am Charlotte_Tooth. Have a beautiful Friday and I'll see you guys on the next one.

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