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James Ingham's Journey Continues as a Qualified Fitness Instructor

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I'm now two complete weeks into the Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training and pleased to say a fully qualified Fitness Instructor!

While the first week of study was predominantly taking in as much new information as possible, the second week is more focused on revising those lessons learnt in order to pass your Level 2 exams, which in turn qualifies you as a Fitness Instructor.

Revision, Revision, Revision!

There are two written exams, a 50 question exam on Anatomy and Physiology for Exercise, and another 32 question paper on The Principles of Exercise, Fitness and Health. The pass rate is an achievable 75%, as long as you take the time to revise and pay attention in class. The questions are in a multiple choice format, so the exams are very much designed to complement people from all sorts of academic backgrounds.JamesIngham

I'm not saying they are easy; I certainly wouldn't have stood a chance of passing a week ago. But with the right amount of time spent on study and revision there's no reason why you won't sail through them. I scored 96% on the Anatomy and Physiology exam, and 94% on the Principles of Exercise paper, so I'm obviously delighted that all the revision time paid off!

On top of the two multiple choice papers there is also a 45-minute practical assessment you need to pass to become a qualified Fitness Instructor. You have to put together a gym programme to suit the specific needs of someone new joining the gym. In short, you partner up with someone, interview them to ascertain their training needs and design the right programme to help them achieve their goals. You are then assessed as you hypothetically induct them into the gym and show them how to complete all the exercises safely and with the correct technique. This includes warming up, cooling down and stretching.

The instructors give you constructive criticism and feedback, and unless you do something which is deemed unsafe then you should pass comfortably. As with the exams there are options to retake the tests again quickly if you do fail the first time, and the tutor support that is offered is great as they are there to guide you and offer you help should you need to re-take an exam.

Fitness Friends for Life

I'm not sure if I've just been lucky with my group of fellow students but there is a real camaraderie among us. Everyone wants each other to do well and we all help each other as much as possible. The tutors are also easily approachable and on hand at all times to help.


Looking back at the last couple of weeks, they are definitely designed to prepare you for the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training module of the course - a bit like the 10 minute warm up before a hard sweaty session in the gym!

With another four weeks to go before I qualify as a Level 3 Personal Trainer, I feel like the real challenge is just about to start and I can't wait!

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James Ingham, 2017

James Ingham is a Showbiz Editor for the Daily Star Sunday & Columnist. Follow James' progress on Twitter and Instagram!

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