Posted by Dejan Stojadinovic on Oct 31, 2018 10:28:01 AM

Did you know that out of the 640+ muscles in the human body the gluteus maximus is the largest?  It is also one of the most neglected muscles in the body. It has gained this distinction through improper movement patterns and lack of exercise. We spend more time sitting on our glutes than using them. Coupled with movements that do not engage this muscle properly, atrophy soon follows. The first rule with this program is too consciously contract your gluteus maximus prior to beginning each exercises and neuro-muscularly keeping it actively engaged throughout the exercise. These rules apply to all of my “Top 7.” The gluteus medius and minimus are also contributors to building a better backside and play a role in hip stabilization, abduction (raising the leg away from the midline of your body) and some forms of internal and external rotation at the hip.

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