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Energetic Workout for Postnatal Clients (Video + Transcript)

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Natalie, a prenatal and postnatal fitness expert from OneFitMama Cambridgeshire, will show you an energetic workout for postpartum mums.

If you are a personal trainer with a pre and postnatal certification, or you are interested in becoming one, you can take a lot of inspiration from this workout.

Delivering fun, safe, effective workouts for mums should be your bread and butter. Watch the video below and follow the transcript for the entire workout.


Natalie (00:04):

Afternoon everybody, happy Friday. Let me know if anyone's watching; let me know to you're joining this afternoon. My name is Natalie and I run One Fit Mama Cambridgeshire and we are going to be doing a bit of a postnatal fitness session this afternoon.

Hi everyone. It was like bing, bing, bing. So yeah, obviously you can join in if you are not postnatal, please feel free to join in, but this is specifically safe for anybody that has had a baby.

So if you have recently had a baby, if you are six to eight weeks postpartum from a natural delivery, feel free to join in. And if you 10 to 12 weeks after a C-section, then feel free to join in too this afternoon. Make sure everyone's there. You are going to want some weights. I'm going to give you a little ... a few seconds now, if you haven't got weights already, go grab them.

If you don't have weights, you can grab yourself some tins, get yourself a couple bottles of water, get the baby bottles, fill them with water, whatever you can grab to hand. Okay.

Natalie (01:01):

Now we've obviously only got a bit of a shorter time this afternoon. So what we're going to do is we'll do a really short warm up and just get that heart rate up a little bit, get a bit of warm.

We're going to do an upper versus lower body kind of workout today. And I'm going to combine a few exercises altogether so that hopefully by the end of it, you've got a good idea and a good range of different exercises that are safe for you when you have had babies.

And then you are welcome to drop me messages and ask me anything after today's session as well. And we'll do a little bit of a cool-down. Normally I do bigger warmups and cool downs, but you know, we're a bit short of time today, but if you've got those weights, put them near you. If you've got water, get it near you because we're going to get going this afternoon with a bit of a warmup.

Natalie (01:40):

So get on our feet, everybody nice and slowly. Hopefully we're ready. I know it's Friday afternoon, but we can do it. Okay. 20 minutes or so and we'll do this. Okay. Nice, tall bodies, shoulders are back, chest is up, chin is up. We're just going to start a little march, okay.

So we can keep this low impact today for those of you that are new mommies. We do not need to be bouncing around high impact at all. That is not going to be any good for you whatsoever. That doesn't mean that we can't work you hard though.

Natalie (02:08):

So a lot of this is going to be a lot lower impact. However, there are a few ones that I will modify and you can take up a little bit of a notch if you are safe too. So just keep going with that march for me. We're going to roll these shoulders. Take them all the way up to those ears, squeeze the shoulder blades at the back, take it down, bring it forward. Hi everyone.

Thanks for the waves. Take it all the way around, all the way around. Keep going for me. Keep that march going. We're going to change direction. Up to those ears. Bring it forward and down.

Take your back and just keep moving those feet, loosened up those shoulders. We're going to turn into big circles. Take fingertips all the way up to the top, as far back as you can reach. All the way down and forward and again, let's go.

Natalie (02:49):

Keep going for me. One more time and we're going to change direction. Okay, change direction for me. Well done. Keep going and keep moving those feet for me. Fantastic. We're just going to keep our hands at the front here.

Thumbs are up. Okay. We're going to open. So take those hands back. Open that chest for me. Brilliant. Keep pushing, keep pushing. Okay. Thumbs down, palms in, squeeze. Just squeeze that for me.

Well done. Give those a shake out for me. Pop our right hand on top of our left. We're going to open up diagonally. So open up diagonally. Nice stretch. And then hook. Okay, so right hand is on top. Brilliant. Left-hand on top. Let's go again. Diagonal. Open it up. Give yourself a hug. It's Friday, give yourself a hug. Go for it. Well done. Keep going with that march for me, well done.

Natalie (03:39):

Okay. Pelvis gets really tucked under so we're engaging this tummy muscle. Think about sucking through that belly button today. So what I want you to do is think of those toys when they pull like this? Suck that belly button in to the back and think about almost pulling those lower ribs in as well so your engaging this core.

Natalie (03:55):

All right, bring those knees up and in for me. So I've got my tailbone tucked in under, tummy is being sucked through, lower ribs are being pulled in so I'm getting core engagement here too.

We're going to do little kicks forward, push through those heels. You'll just get a little stretch down the back of those legs as well. Well done. Keep going. Keep going, one more. Back to that march for me.

Natalie (04:21):

Anyone that is a bit of an older mum, I don't mean that you're ancient. I mean that as in you have had a baby a few years ago. You know you haven't got any pelvic floor problems, you don't have anything like diastasis or pelvic girdle pain, if you want to go to a little jog now you are welcome to.

Anybody else, new mommies, those who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction, those with pelvic girdle pain, those who are diastasis recti, just get that marching a little bit faster. Swing those arms. It's still going to get that heart rate up. So work at your level. Work to what's safe for you. That is the most important thing when you are postpartum.

Natalie (04:57):

Keep going. Take those feet a little bit wide to the nose at the hips, knees, and toes facing forward so we're not doing this. Okay. Knees and toes facing forward. All we're going to do is we can sit that button down and we're going to squeeze it on the way up.

So sit that button down, chest and chin is high. Squeeze it on the way up. Keep going for me. All the way down and squeeze. Squats are so important after having children. Really, really great exercise. I do it when I'm brushing my teeth. So my two year old thinks that's how you brush your teeth. Keep going, one more. Well done.

Natalie (05:34):

Back to a little jog or a march. Work to your level remember. So jog it or march it for me. We're just going to have a little go with our lunge technique. So if this is uncomfortable ... those of you suffering pelvic girdle pain to do this, may still cause a little bit of an issue. So you can do a demi-lunge so we can do a little one. If that is still too much, squat it again for me.

Natalie (06:02):

So lunge technique. Feet rounding the hip points. Bottom is tucked in. We're going to step our right foot back. We're going to bend and we're going straight down. I can still see my toes at the front.

We bring it back up. Squeeze that bum, switch that leg. Keep going. I cut my toe open on my left foot so I'm a bit wobbly on that foot. Just ignore me. Keep going. So lunge to down straight down, squeeze. That's it. Think about putting [inaudible 00:06:30] still. We're going to go one more.

Natalie (06:33):

Back to your march or back to your jog. Well done. You got this. One more little warmup exercise because it's going to be in the combination. Feet a bit wider than those hips. We've got soft knees. We got a tight tummy.

You're going to get your guard up. We're going to do a jab, jab, upper upper cut. So we're going to go jab, jab, twist and pivot upper, upper. So we're here, tight tummy. We're going to go punch across, punch across, pivot, bring all your weight up like this. Keep going. So you get in the motion.

We'll speed up in a minute. Upper cut, upper cut, ready? Jab, jab, upper, upper, jab, jab. When you get it, a bit quicker. Go! Jab, jab, upper, upper. Jab, jab, upper, upper. Keep going. Jab, jab, upper, upper. One more. You got it. March for me. Two, one. Get yourself a little bit of water if you want it, make sure there're weights nearby because we're going to go for the little circuit today.

Natalie (07:40):

So like I said, just because it's going to be a bit low impact doesn't mean you're not going to get tired. Doesn't mean you're not working those muscles, but it's going to be safe. Okay. Right.

Make sure you got your weights near you. We're going to do two rounds of four exercises that I'm going to teach you. First round we'll do it a little bit slower. It's going to be 30 seconds and we'll have a rest for 30 seconds, but I'll make sure I'm explaining the exercise. Second round we'll do a bit quicker. Okay?

Natalie (08:04):

So for your first exercise, we're going to go for a bicep curl, into a front raise, into a lateral raise. So we're going to have our weights. We're going to lock our elbows right in. Weight is in my heels. I've got soft knees and a tight tummy.

We're going to go bicep, flip the palms over into a front raise so up to shoulder height. Control it back down. And then you're taking it into a T. But it's slight peripheral vision so I can see it in the corner of my eyes, back down.

That's your combination. Okay. Ready? We've got 30 seconds. Let's go. Bicep, flip, front raise, out to your tee, down. Switch again. Bicep, lock those elbows in. Flip it over, up, out to a tee, back down. You got this. Keep going. Bicep, flip it, up, out to a T. Let's go. You've only got five seconds left. Got that last tight of time. Okay. Rest it off a moment while I tell you your next bit. Keep those little feet moving if you can do.

Natalie (09:05):

We're going to go lunge, curtsy lunge, squat. You do not have to have weights for this one. If you suffer with pelvic girdle pain ... pelvic floor dysfunction, don't have weights, you do not need that added pressure on your pelvic floor. So we're going to go lunge. We're going to take it into a curtsy lunge, which is we're taking our foot behind and we're dipping down, like you're doing a curtsy obviously. We take it back out, just wider than our hips and we're going to squat.

So we're doing it as one motion. So we go, lunge it back, take it back and behind into a squat, down and up. Like I said, don't have those weights unless you have been doing this for a while and you know you are safe to.

Let's keep going then. Ready, go! Lunge, curtsy into a squat, up. Lunge, curtsy lunge, feet a bit about hip width apart, squat. Let's go again. Switch legs. Lunge, curtsy, squat. Keep going. Lunge it back. Curtsy, squat it down, up. You've got just enough time for one more. There we go. Well done.

Natalie (10:18):

Here comes your jab, jab, upper, upper. We're going to go jab, jab, upper, upper, squat. Okay. You can have weights in your hands. You do not have to. It's up to you. I'm going to go slightly lighter. So bottom is tucked in. We got a nice tight tummy. Your guard is up. Okay. We're here. Slight little pivot when we're doing it. It's going to work on those obliques as well.

So hands up, you ready? We're going to go, jab, jab, upper cut, upper cut, squat, back. Keep going. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat it. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat. That's it, you got it. Remember, you don't have to have those weights. Squat it down, back. Jab, jab, upper, upper squat. Well done. Jab, jab, upper cut, upper cut, squat it. One more. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat. Well done.

Natalie (11:15):

And last but not least. We've got a squat press into a tricep dip. So we're going to have our weights just hovering over our shoulders. We've got our feet just a bit wider than those hips and toes and knees are forward.

We're going to go squat into a press above our head, elbows are going to be as close to the head as we can. We take it back and up and then we repeat, okay. Get those weights up for me. Whatever you've got. We're going to 30 seconds.

Ready? Let's go. Squat, press, dip and up. Keep going. Squeeze that bottom on the way up. Think about pulling up belly button in so you're supporting the lower back. Keep going. Down, press, dip it back, up. Up. We got time for one more. Let's go. Down, up, dip, back, drop those weights. Just march for a minute. That's one round done. We're going to go again, but we're going to do a little bit quicker because you don't need to say much of the descriptions in between now.

Natalie (12:18):

So we're going to go straight back into that bicep, front raise, lat raise. Grab your weights. Okay, soft knees. Tuck that bottom in, we've got a tight tummy. We're going to lock those elbows right at side, we got 30 seconds.

In two, one, let's go. So we go bicep, flip, up, into a lateral, to your T, back down. Flip, bicep curl, over into a front raise, out into a lateral. That's it, keep going. Really controlled. Keep that breathing going for me. Grab a drink if you need it. It's so stuffy here. I don't know what's it like where you are. Keep going. Last one. There we go.

Natalie (13:06):

March it off for a minute. Get a breather. Next one is that lunge into a curtsy lunge, into a squat. Okay. So remember you do not need any weights whatsoever, but if you have been doing this for a while and you have been pushing yourself a little bit more, you're welcome to. Feet, right under those hip points. Are we ready? Take the first leg back for that lunge.

Dip that knee. Take it to curtsy. Just a bit wider than hips, squat, weight in those heels. Let's go again. Lunge, curtsy lunge, weight in those heels, wiggle those toes for me, back up. Let's go again. Curtsy, squat, back up. I've got time for one more. Curtsy, squat it, back up. Well done. Keep those feet moving if you can. Grab a quick drink if you can.

Natalie (13:53):

We got jab, jab, upper, upper, squat combination. Say, get those feet about as wide as the hip. Just a little bit wider. Soft knees, tight tummy. Guard is up. Are you ready? Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat. Let's go. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat it down, up. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat and up. Upper, upper, squat.

Keep going. Jab, jab, upper, upper. You're nearly there, keep going. You got one more. Jab, jab, upper, upper, squat, and down. You got this. Last exercise and you can have some water. I'm only saying that because I need it.

Natalie (14:38):

Okay. Squat press, tricep dip. Feet go a bit wider than those hips. Tuck that bottom in for me, engage that tummy. Hover those weights just above our shoulders. Ready? Okay. Let's go. Squat it, press it up, elevate to really catch the head, behind, up.

Let's go again. Squeeze that bottom. We're moving to squats, wiggle those toes for me so I know you got the weight in the heels. Keep going. Squat, press, tricep. One more. Okay. Get yourself another drink if you need one, keep those feet moving. We're going to need them for the second round. I know you can't wait. I got it.

Natalie (15:22):

Okay. Keep moving and I'll tell you what is coming up next. We're going to go goblet squat, front kick. Okay. So a goblet squat. Just a bit wider than normal. You can have a slight turnout to your toes but it's not a plié, okay? So you're not all the way here. So little bit of a turnout. We're going to do a goblet squat. Our weights are going to be here.

If you want to get more of an upper body workout, you can push your weights together as well. Okay. We're going to go for a squat. When we come up, we're using our balance and we're using our core because what we're going to do is transfer it into a front kick. So we're not swinging it around. We're not hurting our hips in any way. All we're going to do is we're going to go for squat, front kick.

Natalie (16:06):

So we're really using that core, concentrating on that balance. Your legs don't need to be up here. They can just be here. That's absolutely fine. Right, grab your weights for me. Like I said, if you want to, we're hovering them off the chest here. If you want to get more upper body work, squeeze them together. Okay. Right. So nice wide stance.

Get the weights hovering in front of our chest. We're going in two, one. Let's go. You drop your button, hover, kick it straight forward, drop. Get that balance. Kick straight forward. There we go. Well done. Squat, squeeze that bottom and kick. Keep going. Push those weights together. Go on. Push, push, push. You got this. We got one more. Well done.

Natalie (16:57):

Have a little rest, I'll tell you the next one. We're going to go for a little shoulder combination. Key to this one, we want to keep these elbows as high as possible so we're keeping them here. Okay. We're going to go together, out, up and down. So we're here squeezing it in, pushing it high. Okay. If your back is a bit weak, which it often is after we've just had children, feel free to split stance it.

Because sometimes this makes us do this and we do not want to put any more pressure on. So feel free to split stance it. Elbows high. Keep them high. Ready? Let's go. Squeeze, push up high, squeeze it together, push it up high. Keep going. And breathe for me. Breathe, breathe, breathe. High, squeeze, up high. Keep going. You got this.

Natalie (17:51):

I know those arms start to ache. Don't drop those elbows for me. Keep them nice and high. We're going to go for two more after this. There's one. You've only got one more. There two.

Push it up high. Shake that off. Well done. Keep walking for me. Keep marching. I'm going to tell you the next one. We're going to go for squat row and then we're going to go for tricep rows so high row. So we're going to have our feet, again, right underneath our hip points.

They are quite narrow. Okay. I'm going to have my weight in those heels so I can wiggle my toes. We're going to be here. So you're in a squat position. So I'm squeezing my bottom and I'm sucking up my belly button so I'm protecting this lower back. Okay. We don't want to be like this. We don't want to sort of be arching so you can be here.

Natalie (18:33):

Now if you find that really difficult, you're welcome to lean on a table or a chair and you can do it single arms. If you want to. That's a good modification to this one. We're going to go squat, row, stand it up, elbows as high as possible in a tricep row. So we're going to go squat, row, stand it up, squeeze that bottom, high. Join in when you're ready.

Let's go. Squat, row, stand it up, elbows high. Skim those weights against the side of your body on that squat row. That's it, keep going. Bend it forward, pull that tummy in. Stand it up. Squeeze that bottom, keep going. Stand it up. I've got two more of these. There's one. Last one. Stand it up. Take it high. Breathe.

Natalie (19:24):

Last one. No weights. We're going to have nice sort of plié squats stance. So we are going to take our feet quite nice and wide and going to turn them out. If again, this hurts, if you have pelvic girdle pain, just take it in a bit so you can be knees and toes facing forward if this is too much for you, okay.

We're going to do a plié squat. So we're going to bring our hands up to the front. We're going to dip as nice and low as we can. We're going to bring it back up. We're then going to go tap, tap, back up.

Natalie (19:56):

So get yourself ready for that plié squat. Hands up in front of the chest. Send that bottom low, now straight back, squeeze it up. Take the hands wide. Tap the inside ankle, keep that bottom low. Tap that inside ankle and keep the bottom low. Let's go again. Ready? Plie. Take it up.

Don't go all the way up, that's probably easier. Tap it. Tap it. All the way up. Ready? Plie, squat down. Whoa, sorry. Up. Tap, tap and up. Let's go again. Plie, squat and go wide. Tap, tap, back up. We go one more. Plie, squat, wide. Tap, tap, hands forward and up. March.

Natalie (20:41):

Well done. We're going to leave it there. Because if I go too much more, we're going to have a huge, huge class on our hands. But in a normal session, I would repeat those three times through. So those four sort of sets of exercises that you did. We did it twice round in the first one. Only did it once around on that second one. I would do it three times.

Okay. Just keep marching for me. Try and mitigate that breath. Nice deep breath in through the nose, out through your mouth. Slow that march down a little bit. Slow it down. That's it. Chest is high. Shoulders are back. Okay. Roll those shoulders for me. Just do a quick cool down. Roll those shoulders back. Roll them forward.

Natalie (21:28):

Well done. Take those fingertips all the way up and back. All the way up and back, that's it. Change direction. We're just going to take that right arm across the body. Keep the shoulder away from the ear. Use that left to pull across and you can look to the right if you want to intensify.

We're going to go into that triceps. Take it behind the head. If you can reach behind and grab your fingertips, go for it. Otherwise, feel free to push from the front. Nice deep breaths. Try and calm that breathing down a little bit. Well done. Let that one go. Take that left arm across. Use the right to pull. Look to the left. Take it behind for me.

Natalie (22:15):

Well done. Give those a little shake out. Bring those knees up and in again for me. And we're going to go little kicks forward pushing through those heels, start that stretch down the legs.

Well done. We're just going to for a little stretch quickly. Right foot goes forward and left foot goes back, bend that front knee so you can see your toes, interlace those fingers, push forward, drop your head, take some nice deep breathes. You'll feel the sort of stretching your shoulders. Stretch your shoulder blades.

I'm going to drop those hands. We're going to sit back on my left leg, strain out that right, stick your bottom back. And if you want to reach your toes, you're welcome to. feel free to hold onto the wall or a chair if you need to. Take that right leg up behind your bottom, get those knees together, push that forward. Push the hip points forward.

Natalie (23:08):

Well done with this. Check it off. Left one goes forward, right one goes back. Bend that front knee. Make sure those heels are both on the floor. Interlock behind, push down and breathe. try and squeeze those palms together for me against those shoulders. Let go of those hands. Sit back on that right leg, stretch out that left. Reach your toes if you want to. We're going to take that one behind the bottom. Well done. Shake that one off.

Natalie (23:48):

We can pop our right foot onto our thigh and we can sit it down to get into those glutes and those bottoms. However, if you are suffering with pelvic floor dysfunction, you're going to want to do that one on the floor.

Okay. So you can do it exactly the same technique, foot goes on your thigh and you got to pull your leg in. So whichever one works best for you. Okay. Obviously you can hold on to something if you need to. Switch it over for me, left goes on the right, sit it down. Well done.

Natalie (24:22):

Little taster. Sorry it was quick. Sorry I tried to cram too much in, but I thought you might as well give you your time's worth. So there're loads of exercises in that. I've obviously added them together to create combinations, but you can break them down so bicycles, you could just do it on your own. The front raises, you can just do on your own. The lateral raises you can just do on their own, et cetera.

Natalie (24:42):

My email address is cambridgeshire@onefitmama.co.uk. My name is Natalie. I do have a Facebook page and an Instagram page so if you do want to ask anything at all, genuinely, I am down for to discussing whatever. I do not mind. I was a secondary school teacher for 15 years. So I was asked pretty much most things anyway.

Please ask me okay. If you've had a baby and you're just worried about things. If things are not like they used to be, drop me a message.

Okay. I will more than happy to discuss anything with you until you have to get back into fitness safely. Thank you so much for anyone that joined in. Thank you for watching. Take care everybody. See you soon. Bye.

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